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perfect for hikers,preppers,bug out bags, natural disasters, and powers outages

          1 BEER STOVE $13.50 INCLUDES


or 2 STOVES FOR $25.00!!

(continental u.s. only, restrictions do apply) contact me for details

Perfect for dehydrated meals and freezer bag meals.

Lightweight - a few ounces (including fuel), versus a pound or more
Simplicity - just add fuel and light a match
Reliable - one piece design no parts to fail or break
Quiet - generally can't be heard
Odorless - if you spill alcohol all over your gear, you won't smell like a gas pump for the rest of your trip
Availability of Fuel - can be found at any hardware store or gas station (great for thru-hikers)
No Maintenance - no time or repair kit need for adjustments and cleaning
Safety - fuel not explosive and can be easily extinguished
Easily Transportable Fuel - don't need a heavy metal container to transport fuel - a disposable plastic water bottle with a tight fitting cap is more than ample
Low Cost - cheap initial cost and cheap fuel
Eco Friendly - uses a clean renewable energy source

Pour in about 0.5 to 1.5oz of fuel (depending on how long a burn time you desire, don't fill so much that fuel leaks out the holes when your stove heats up) Light hold pot about1 inch above flame (so as to not waste that heat and to reflect some back down at the stove) until it heats up and flames come out the side jets of your stove. Let the stove heat up just a bit,until the burner jets flames get stronger and a little high.Place pot centered on stove, and you are cooking!!( If the flame dies, you didn't allow stove to heat up enough - try again and wait a little bit longer for stove to heat up.)

- Not placing pot on stove will result in a much greater fuel consumption rate and waste.
Consider using a primer pan to decrease the amount of fuel needed to preheat your stove and to make your life easier (a LITTLE splash of fuel on the outside of the stove decreases the time it takes for your stove to prime)
 Be cautious, just because you cant see the flame doesn’t mean it isn’t lit and hot!!


Be very careful with any spilt fuel, it burns almost invisible.
 A windscreen is highly recommended and will increase effiency
Fuel choices
NO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS!!! (gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc…)
denatured alcohol (hardware store, paint department)
pure methanol from hardware store (paint department)
pure ethanol (Everclear, liquor store)
fuel line antifreeze (“HEET” in the YELLOW bottle, gas station or convenience store).
rubbing alcohol (drug store) last choice because it burns very dirty and leaves a soot residue on pans.